Sunday, August 31, 2003

Who will inherit Grimmauld Place?

In Harry Potter Book V we learn a lot about wizarding families, imparticular "The Blacks". To tell the truth I'm not sure why Sirius inherited the house. He was not the last of the Blacks. After all, Narcissa and Bellatrix are both from the Black family. Why didn't they inherit the place? After all, wasn't Sirius basicaly disowned? Perhaps it was because Sirius was a male, and inheritance naturally fell to the next male in line. Now that there are no males that this would naturally fall to, does this mean that the next female in line would inherit it? If this is so, the Order of the Phoenix' headquarters will be inherited by either Narcissa or Bellatrix.

This leads to a number of problems. First, if Narciss or Bellatrix inherits Grimmauld House will the secret keeper charm still have an affect? Or will one of the girls come to their house only to find out that it seems to have disappeared. If they can get in the house, they're in for a shock. It's definitely not the same dark house they will be expecting. Second, if the girls do not inherit the house, who does? The ministry? If so, than once again you have a problem with the secret keeper charm. I don't think Harry will inherit the home. He's only a godson and not a direct descendent. I think the house would sooner go to the girls.
I know it's not a well layed out theory, but it is something worth thinking about.

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