Friday, October 03, 2003

Columnists and Opinions
I consider this blogger to be a column in many ways. I write my opinions about what I see is happening in different forms of literature and examine different themes. I just came off of Mugglenet where one of my favorite editorialists, Dan Hoppel, was given a hard time for putting his political and religious opinions in his work. The thing is, I know many of you are probably annoyed that I do this on this blogger. Yet, I think that Dan and myself are correct. This is primarily a place for us to discuss literature. However, it is also one medium I have of sharing my ideas with the world. I don't ask you to agree with them or to even listen to them, but I do ask that I am able to at least share them. No one has said anything, which is kewl. I just had to share this because I felt bad for Dan. The fact is that I love reading his columns, even the ones that are political or religious based. I also enjoy sharing my opinions on whatever medium I can.
So the entire point of this blog is for me to say: thank you Dan for your wonderful editorials!