Thursday, October 02, 2003

Great Literature Discussion

Hey everyone! I started school this week. It looks like it will be an informative term. Sorry I haven't finished the Harry Potter post yet. My mind knows what it needs to say but keeps running blank. I'll give you the heads up when it is ready. Meanwhile, I pose this question to you: In your opinion, what factors determine great literature? I have wondered about this for a while now. I notice some of my favorite books are not among the so-called greats. Other books that I despise do make "the list" (for instance, both The Death of Artemio Cruz and The Faerie Queene both gave me allergic reactions *shivers*)

I have a professor that doesn't like Harry Potter because he is tired of the angst and the unchanging characters. I love the books because of the vivid angst and the dynamic characters. Many people don't appreciate Les Miserabl├ęs because of it's verbiage. I love the book because of its intense language. We are all different in what we are looking for when we read. What do you appreciate?