Sunday, October 26, 2003

Poll Results and Mark Evans Post

As I write this post, 31 people have already voted in the poll! The winner is none other than Mark Evans. He is an interesting puzzle piece that we know very little about. Still, look below for the Mark Evans Post. Vote in the new poll.
I am still writing the longer Discord in the Magical World post, but as it is extremely long I'm only posting up piece by piece for a while. Truly, it's about 30 pages when finished. Each individual post is much smaller and easy to read. It is so long because I am convinced that Harry Potter is only partially a book about Good vs. Evil and that prejudice is the wider theme that the books tackle. As for the next part of the post, Living a Lie, you can look forward to information on Umbridge (her bigotry against the centaurs), Hermione and SPEW (is she right or wrong?), and goblins (just who are they?).

I will write other posts inbetween so there will be a variety of ideas showing up on this site. Today: Mark Evans. Coming soon: Neville Longbottom.