Tuesday, January 06, 2004

Thoughts and Rants

Thought for the day: Is Draco named after the Latin word for dragon, or after Draconian thought? What does this have to say about his character. Someone once asked me what Draco sees in the Mirror of Erised; here is a quick reply. I will give more depth to it later. I think Draco sees a very black and white world, and because of this he would see power when he looks into the mirror. Unlike Voldemort, Draco is blinded to what he is missing when it comes to love. However, how long will he be blinded to this? How much of this blindness is self-enforced? Is there something deeper to his character?

Today's Rant: WHY IS THE UNIVERSITY OPEN TODAY? As someone at the computer lab said, the University of Oregon isn't satisfied enough with taking our money, they have to take our lives as well. Every university in this state is closed today because of freezing rain. There are literally layers and layers of ice on the ground, rain falling that instantly freezes the second it touches something, and a lotta people injuiring themselves. Even my old Colorado schools would have closed because of the bad weather today. So why does the university insist on keeping us here? Is the reputation of the school more important than the reputation of the students?

What is more, I was heading down Deady Hall steps after Math Class yesterday when the ice wasn't as bad (but was bad enough) when I tripped and fell. Why? Lack of real railings. Do iced, thick, spread apart, cement railings count for anything when it comes to needing support? I say no.

Sorry had to Rant. Still working on posts. It's going to be a Hermione/Lineage post that will introduce a Draco/Destiny post.