Thursday, February 12, 2004

Valentines Day Special

Hermione's Lineage

Now that we have some idea what lineage is, it is time to discover what clues this concept may hold for the future. As promised, this article will focus on Hermione Granger. In fact, while I will go over many possibilities in this article, my main focus will be on using lineage to discuss the relationship between Ron and Hermione.

Hermione is in Gryffindor, but some may wonder why she is not in Ravenclaw. Even Ravenclaw's have asked why the sorting hat placed her in the courageous house as opposed to the intelligence house. After all, Hermione does fit the persona of a Ravenclaw. She loves books; she researches everything that she might not know. She even thinks large heavy books are for a little bit of light reading! Perhaps most importantly, she can read between the lines. She knew what Umbridge was before anyone had to tell her.

Yet, we do see her Gryffindor side as well. She does have courage to stand up for whatever she believes in. Her courage has manifested itself in forging SPEW when no one else supports her, creating Dumbledore's Army, fighting at the Ministry of Magic, and anytime she has risked her academic career to help humanity. Therefore, when looking at who Hermione may be linked with from the older generation, we must take into account that Hermione has both intelligence and courage working on her side.

This is a broad category, and we could list many characters that fit into it. However, I would like to center on those who this particularly stands out in. For instance, McGonagall is the head of Gryffindor House, but it is clear that intelligence is something she also holds in high esteem. Her courage has been proven a time or two, such as with helping Hagrid in the fifth book, but her intelligence has always been the characteristic that stands out the most for me.

So what does this mean for Hermione? McGonagall is a teacher that represents Gryffindor. Hermione would fit a similar role nicely. With all of the tutoring and bossing around that Hermione does, who couldn't see her as a teacher? McGonagall's position clearly allows her to be at the center of intrigues and the what not, and it is a position that Hermione would thrive in. This is a strong link that shows us who Hermione could be like in the future. A teacher that values intelligence and fights evil.

However, Ron and Hermione fans beware. McGonagall is single, though a strong friend to many of the faculty, it is clear that she had little time for love (that is to say a romantic love). Perhaps in her past she did, but with all the intrigues and teaching at a private wizarding school, perhaps love just passed her by. Even if Hermione and Ron like each other, would Hermione thrive in a love relationship? I doubt that Rowling will go in depth too much with where Ron and Hermione go. Perhaps they will be boyfriend and girlfriend at some point, but I doubt she will ever show us further than that. For conjecturing where else this may take them, recognize that Hermione might choose a position like McGonagall's over love (if ever brought to a choice between them).

What else do we know about Hermione? She is a born leader, and the real founder of Dumbledore's Army. Along with this, we can see that Hermione is more than a little bossy and condescending. If people fail to follow her lead, she continues to push them until they follow if only to shut her up. One clear example of this is her insistence on House-Elf Liberation. In fact, the first time Hermione is introduced in the books, her condescendence shines through, much to Ron Weasley's dismay. It takes may take the reader a while to realize that there is more to Hermione than being a bossy-know-it-all.

Yet, when we see this come in to play after the first part of the first book, we see how this plays in for the better. She keeps Ron and Harry working on school stuff, but she also starts a few organizations, and translates the things older people say to the younger group. She can do this, because her intelligence (which helps bring about this condescendence) allows her to translate grown-up or political speech. In the end, Hermione's insistence on being a leader is helpful to our heros. She teaches them things they need to know to battle evil, and even comes up with schemes in dire situations.

We can see how this part of Hermione's character can get on Ron Weasley's nerves. Yet, it is also this part that seems to bind them together. Through Ron, Hermione learns to relax. Through Hermione, Ron learns to work. Together, they fight in their own unique styles. Despite the arguments and annoyed looks, Hermione and Ron do complement each other. Is there someone in the older generation that reminds us of her overbearing personality and courage? An intelligent person that takes care of others to bring out the best in them? A character that complements another eccentric mind?

Do you see where I'm going here? It is my opinion that Hermione Granger and Molly Weasley do bear a striking resemblance. True, Molly is not condescending, but she can be bossy. Like Hermione, she will stand up for what she believes in and lead followers in her path. She anticipates people's needs and takes care of them, striving to help others better themselves. She definitely can be termed bossy. What's more, Molly is married to Arthur. Arthur isn't exactly lazy, in fact he gets a lot of work done. However, like Ron, I think he would much rather have fun then anything else. He is so excited about everything from the muggle world, and these can lead him to do some very eccentric things, such as putting charms on his car. Despite their differences in personality, Arthur and Molly fight evil together, and I'm willing to bet that they do it well. It would be interesting to see how Arthur and Molly met and how they were as kids. Would they remind us of Hermione and Ron?

So there is another lineage clue. Separate, Ron and Hermione are strong individuals. Together, they are brilliant. Perhaps, like Arthur and Molly, they too will marry and raise a large wizarding family of amazing witches and wizards.

There are many other hints of where Hermione will go in the next two books. Matching her lineage with Lupin and Dumbledore provide intriguing results. However, I do not plan to go too much more in detail right now. Perhaps, I will have to write a part two to this at some point. For now, what ways do you see lineage working in the books? What kind of predictions can you make for Hermione? Can we use this concept to determine whether or not Hermione will die by the end of the seventh book? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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