Thursday, April 01, 2004

The following was an april fools day post.

Rumors and Speculations

Am I the only one that thinks that Lucius Malfoy is the real hero of the Harry Potter books? I mean, he really is a kind man, just misunderstood. Remember the book he so kindly gave Ginny in book two? Or what about the kindness he showed his son by ensuring the hippogriffs death. You wait, in the end Lucius' unconditional love will save the world!

What do you guys think of the rumor that Draco Malfoy is really in love with Luna Lovegood? "Get out of my way," Draco said, sweetly pushing Luna out of the way. (Book 5, page 3000)

I wonder if McGonagall will ever grow back enough brains to teach at Hogwarts. Who knew that Pensieves could prove so dangerous? Remember when she stopped in the middle of her lecture because she couldn't remember the basic transfiguration spell? (Book 5 Volume III, Page 98 X 10^36) I mean really, why doesn't Professor Umbridge fire her?

Book Nine should prove interesting. Latest rumors say that Harry will drop his job as a professional auror to join the Muggle Circus. Apparently his apparating trick will be a big hit!