Saturday, June 05, 2004

Movies, Finals, and Employment

So yeah, I just saw the third Harry Potter film last night. I can see why many people like it: it is artistic, well thought out, and filled with symbols and interesting shots. The acting (for most of the characters) was superb. It was a higher class movie that I would have expected.

Yet I must admit that I did not enjoy the movie.

While I was sitting in my comfortable movie chair (comfyness via cinemark), I realized that my English Minor part of me was impressed but my Harry Potter part was saddened. Until the ending, Dumbledore lacked all the qualities that I loved about him. He was far too serious Although it was a more serious book, up through book four Dumbledore always seemed to carry a certain joy and "go with the flow" feeling. He was always serious but it was a seriousness that was lightened by his sense of humor, significant glances, and overall pleasant feel. While I believe that the actor tried to portray this, and indeed many probably did get this from him, I just didn't. There wasn't any magic in this movie's version of Dumbledore for me. This is sad because he is my favorite character.

This was the problem in general with the movie. Although it was magical, it was not enchanting. It felt so close to the real world, with the clothes change, the light filtering, and the general feel, that it lacked that amazing Hogwarts feel. In all the books--no matter how dark and serious--Hogarts has always been a place of wonder and joy to me. The recent movie didn't give me any of these feelings. Sure I laughed, and Ron was fantastic in the movie, but the Hogwarts feel was just missing for me. Some have told me that it is because I expected a certian world after seeing the first two movies, but I don't buy this. The books are what enchanted me first, the first two movies carried this enchantment. I don't feel that this movie did.

So yeah, that's my view anyways. I know most of the world disagrees with me. That's fine; I just hope no one gets mad at me for not seeing the same things in it that they did.

So right now is finals week. Ack, talk about stress! We'll see if I survive 'till graduation. Eeeeeek! I am writing papers while helping anonymouse with his final, a movie for his digital media class. I got a new job, mainly because my janitor position doesn't run during summertime. I now work for The New Voter Project. It's a non-partisan group that goes out and tries to get people to register to vote. We are aimed at mobilizing mainly 18-24 year-olds into letting thier voice be known through the voting process, but we are registering everyone that is eligible and willing.

Well, it's time for me to get back to paper writing. Say a prayer for me! :) I hope you all enjoy the Harry Potter movie. Two good things to say about it: Ron and Draco were portrayed wonderfuly, though Draco was less of the bully and more of the rich-man's son. And now for the next big question: When does book six come out?