Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Stress and Jobs

So yeah, my job registering voters didn't work out. Despite my efforts to make it clear that math was my main priority, they didn't believe me and they hired me anyways. To make a long story short they kept trying to get me to drop math and spend all my time on their project. Sorry, not going to happen. School is important folks, not worth dropping for a small time job (even if it is doing a good thing). So once again I'm jobless.

Don't suppose anyone needs a math tutor? I know everything up through differential calculus. I'll know integral calculus soon. I'm great at tutoring those who are struggling! If you go to UO or anywhere in Eugene Oregon, I can help you! Okay, okay.. Guess this isn't the place to pan for a job. Perhaps fast food won't be too bad for a couple months?

A new post will come soon. Really, it will!