Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Bush vs. Kerry

Seeing as how the Democratic Convention is taking place this week, I thought I would share a few political thoughts. I know many of you don't live in the US, and that most of you probably could careless what I have to say, but I feel better when I share my opinion. That's right, I'm just being selfish.

So I'm all for Kerry and completely against Bush. Actually, I'm for neither party when it comes to their abortion politics because I think that both movements are completely missing the point. However, I think abortion is used to polarize the cadidates and that it shouldn't be as politicized as it is. People are voting for Bush because he is anti-abortion even though they disagree with everything else that he does. That's drives me nuts. This one leader has been responsible for so much pain and death, how can anyone vote for him?

I'm not even talking about the overseas stuff; I am talking about all of the stuff here in the US. His "Leave No Child Behind Act" serves only to leave behind children in the lower socio-economic strata. His health care changes have made it so insurance companies get to keep large amounts of money while lower to middle income families struggle to pay new bills. Many types of ailments and surgeries are no longer "in-patient" care covered at a 90 to 100% coverage but are now "out-patient" care covered at a much lower percentage. I know. My parents both had surgeries that were once "in-patient" and got turned to "out-patient" and they are still struggling to pay the new bills. To make matters worse, the insurance companies are now charging such a large rate that my dad can barely pay the premiums. He is a teacher and the budget cuts have forced him to pay larger amounts of his health care as well.

Oh yes, let us not forget about the whole blocking people from getting to the polls thing. How the hey did he not get forced out of office for that??? I saw only a few clips on the news, so it's hard for me to link you to the information. Quick summary from what I understand: the National Guard in Florida was used to stop people from getting to the polls. They told them they had to go across the way to another district and then when they reached the other district, the other district sent them back. The long and short, people in lower socio-economic areas that were highly democratic and "non-white" were not allowed to vote in the 2000 election. Last I heard the NAACP sued over this, but I don't know how it turned out. How was this allowed to go on? Why did the news have so few clips about it? I know I saw those clips and I assume they are accurate, anyone else heard anything about this? I'm scoping old archives right now to see how vaild all of this is. (edit--can only see beginning of articles. Many seem to back me up, but I can't tell. here's a link to one... http://query.nytimes.com/gst/abstract.html?res=F50617FB3A5C0C738DDDA80994D8404482 )

What's more, here are three frightening words for you: The Patriot Act. Can anyone else scream. Now here I get to bash Kerry for a while. What the hell? He is for continuing the Patriot Act with some changes? That sounds scary. We don't want to vote Kerry in to continue Bush's legacy, we want him to end it!

However, I must still say Kerry is the better candidate. I believe he will improve the current education system (which is quickly plunging into a dark void) and I believe that he will do more for health care. At least he's never been accused of going AWOL and he did serve his time in Vietnam while still coming back and saying something like "I did what I was ordered to, but it wasn't right." I can honor that!

As for everyone saying he goes back and forth on all his decisions, everything I've read up on shows that he says a preliminary "I will vote for that but only if..." and then when no one agrees to the terms he does exactly what he said he would do under such circumstances and votes against it.

As for my other reason for voting for Kerry, well that is simple. Our reputation is tarnished and our national debt is substantial. We need a new face to replenish our image and our resources. There is more to life and community than business.

Okay, I've said my peace. Don't bash me too much.