Friday, July 30, 2004

Moving and Writing

Hey all, I'm on my way to school for a calculus test and then it's moving time. Yay! Or not yay! Really, booo!

My article is nearly ready to go and after it is finished I'll start a new post for Tazmy's Pensieve. HBP II and Snape and the Order II are my top priorities after In a way I'm glad that I didn't write HBP II yet so I could get all the juicy information that Rowling has supplied us with. Mainly, that I was right about Tom not being the HBP. Hurray!

In the meantime, you should all check out a recent editorial on Mugglenet called A father's perspective JoEllen sent it to me. It's a bit corny in the sense that if someone actually talked like, the chances of the kid listening is not terribly high. However, it's got some nice insights on lessons to be learned.