Monday, July 26, 2004

Not Tom Riddle, thank heavens!

Well the news is out, Tom Riddle is NOT the Half Blood Prince. Hooray! This is according to the FAQ site on Rowlings site. That's one of my theories proven true! I was so hoping that Rowling would not go this route. So now the questions continue, who oh who could it be?

I was re-reading Book One this last week for my article. (Yay!) I discovered no less than three points that can lead to Dumbledore being a Half Blood. I'm not saying that he is (in fact I don't think he is the HBP, however) Most of the hints come from Dumbledore's knowledge/interest in the muggleworld. He's always understood both sides of the fence as it were. When he lists his favorite things on his wizard card, the items sound rather muggle-ish. Just like his taste for lemon drops. It's not much to go on, and hardly proof, but it does open some possibilities.

As for the identity of the HBP, I finally made it on to Rowling's site this morning to check out the article for myslef. It sounds as if noone in Book Two is the HBP. The most likely possibility is that it is someone we have not met yet. So much for all those Burrow articles?

I am still working on my article, while moving, so I can't write down anymore on this now. I'll have something up on Sunday for sure (if not before).

In other news, I have just signed on as Volunteer Coordinator for an anime convention (Anonymouse is heading it up and I want to help out). Kumoricon is a Pacific NW convention held in Portland, Oregon this September (Labor Day weekend). Check out the site if you live anywhere near the area. We could use some more preregistrations and some more volunteers! :) (Go shameless plugs!)

In other news, Wierd Al is coming to Eugene, Oregon this Wednesday. I am excited!

Well I guess that's it. Unless anyone wants to randomly give me $600? *Shrugs* Didn't think so.