Saturday, August 07, 2004

Comment Answers and Wil Wheaton

Edited Version

I went to Portland yesterday to listen to Wil Wheaton do a reading for his book, Just a Geek. It was great fun. He's very animated when he reads and a really nice guy. My boyfriend got me to start reading his blogs and it is definitely one of the best blogs out there. It is surprisingly honest and well written. If only I could write like that!

My sister called me to say that she just watched the news. The whole deal about the Florida people being stopped at the polls and not allowed to vote was in the news today!!!!! Finally, people are talking about it. It all came up because of the electronic voting worries taking place in Florida. In the same news story it talked about how a lot of military votes weren't counted in Florida either. Just an FYI for you all.

I also took a few minutes this morning to answer (in the worst grammar ever!) one anonymous commentors comments. I didn't get to say everything I wanted to, but I did get a lot in. I'll get to others comments when I can. Right now I don't have real internet access except when at the library or a friends house.

If all goes well, Snape part II and Half Blood Prince part II should be up this week!