Monday, August 16, 2004


Hazzah! I am done with my math class and all is well. Unfortunately, I never did get to write the posts I wanted to. I just haven't had the time. I will try to work on them soon, I will! Right now I've just restarted Book Two so I can prepare my next article.

Comments system doesn't appear to work on my school's computer so I can't read what any of you have written. I typed some controversial stuff, everyone needs controversey, so I'm interested to see what folks replied (hopefully not death threats?). Next time I am at anonymouse's I will check his computer to read the posts. Oh how I miss the internet!

As for my statement on controversy, Mills says that folks learn from talking in public forums and discussing different ideas. That mankind comes to know truth by taking all sides into accorunt. Therefore, controversy is necessary and contrary opinions must be allowed to be stated in order to better mankind. It is an interesting philosophy. Mills was against teachers bringing politics into the classroom because the class wasn't a public forum (he was writing in 19th century) and the kids didn't have the ability to discuss so the teacher was enforcing opinions on each other. Just an interesting bit of philosophy there too.

On another note, I am now through season four of Stargate. I was very impressed at two of the episodes I saw. One was about how the evil inside our minds will win if we fight it, so we just can't give it a chance to fight. I thought it was extremely well done. The other one was just funny. A good laugh is nice every now and then.