Monday, August 30, 2004

Hey all. I'm hard at work on my article that should be done either today or tomorrow. There is so much I want to write about. Rowling brought up some questions in one of her last interviews that I really think need to be addressed. Why didn't Voldemort die, what precautions did he make? I think it has something to do with a potion that Snape knows how to make. He hinted at one in book one. I wouldnt' be surprised if such a potion required either unicorn blood or pheonix feathers. Also, Voldemort's inability to love may have been a requirement for such a potion.

Why didn't Dumbledore kill Voldemort at the Ministry of Magic? I thought this one was obvious, so there must be more to it than I thought. The prophecy is pretty clear that Harry has to be the one to kill Voldemort. Although, some interpretations could say it was just the power of love that was needed and now anyone could do it. I think that Voldemort was trying to get Dumbledore to try and kill him because whatever protection Voldemort took would protect him and maybe leave Dumbledore with less power? I think that Harry has the power to kill Voldemort because Harry has power that goes beyond conventional magic. I do not think "avaracadavra" could kill Voldemort. What do you all think?