Monday, September 20, 2004

For those who didn't believe me on the blocking voters based on race thing, well I found some evidence for you as well as articles that are just as bad. Here are a few highlights: "What Really Happened in Florida" (this is from BBC news and they tend to give a fresh, non-american perspective. Keeps out the whole partisan thing, doesn't it?); FloridaGate (pays too much attention to ballots, but makes good points. Especially scroll to the last part about Ashcroft; "Use of the State Police to stop black drivers on their way to the polls Partisan-organized “citizen” riots" was apparently the explanation in this paper: What Happened in Flordia 2000. Again, more info is available in the New York Times archive, but you have to pay to get to it.

Other articles: How the GOP Gamed the System in Florida

Stealing the Election: Florida's Ugly Secret

Article at New York Times has a great quote: "Rand Beers, issued a scathing denunciation. 'Faced with the dire consequences of his wrong choices in Iraq, George W. Bush continues to mislead the American people and pose false choices rather than face the reality of his failed policies,' Mr. Beers said."

In general, read "The Economist" and its recent articles. It outlines things pretty well. Look through NY Times Archives and see what you get. Especially near last election. Those are about as unbiased sources as you can get to see the facts.

A more biased article, but well backed, is in Harper's called "Tentacles of Rage".

"For all the ambitious rhetoric, Mr Bush's agenda is self-contradictory. He pledged to restrain government spending, yet proposed a slew of new government programmes. He called for making the tax code simpler and fairer, yet he wants to make permanent the tax cuts which have dramatically complicated America's tax system. (In Mr Bush's first term the tax code has grown by 10,000 pages."
-The Economist "A boundless vision, alas" September 11, 2004 Page 29