Thursday, October 14, 2004

And the Election Fraud continues

I was reading The Register Guard today and there was a story in there from the Associated Press about the recent groups trying to get young people signed up to vote. Apparently one of the groups was led by an association that allegedly destroyed "Democrat"registrations by shredding or other means. They also told many people that they could not register to vote unless they registered as a Republican.

So yeah, that pisses me off. Especially since the two states named in the article were Nevada and Oregon, both swing states. One is even my home state! Grrr.... BTW, last presidential election many ballots from "latinos" got thrown out (just like the whole Florida thing, I've give the links in last months archives to reputable papers that covered the stories). I mention this because I find it fishy that I, as a latino, recieved a letter saying my vote didn't count because my signature didn't match (a likely story).

As for the political debates, anyone else notice that the third debate was rather uninformative and badly debated from both sides? I almost felt it was a waste of my time watching it. I like how with the first debate Bush seemed caught off guard by almost every question as if he were completely uninformed. It sounds like he finally got updated somewhat, but he still lacked answers last night.