Tuesday, November 02, 2004

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Voting in America

Today is the day to vote! Go out there are keep in mind the issues. Remember, you are not just voting in a president, you are voting in an entire administration.

My thoughts on voting:

1.) I agree with Jon Stewart; I don't want the president to be someone I can have a beer with. I don't want the president to be a common man. I want the president to be better than the average American in his intelligence and decision making abilities. I want someone who can run this country and handle the burden well.

2.) The last few masses I have attended have mentioned that neither candidate actually takes on a pro-life position. On one side there is one for death penalty and not helping the poor while the other is for abortion. There is no way to win in this election on this count. Therefore, vote your conscious weighing everything together including social justice and all life issues. Then take what you believe beyond the ballot box by standing up for what you believe in through movements and actions. Don't just depend on the politicians to fix everything.

3.) Download Jon Stewart interviews from C-SPAN and Cross Fire. They are available on the websites owned by C-SPAN and Cross Fire. He's more than just a funny man. He is knowledgable on the issues with a cynical but accurate view of how things are now a days. DL them and you may just learn something about this election. Afterall, it's not as if the debates taught us anything.