Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Hey, if you can't tell by the silence, it's finals time again. Tomorrow I will be finished and Anonymouse has made me promise that I will finish my about.com article for the third Harry Potter book. Until then, you can always have Harry Potter conversations on the forums!

Also, mugglenet has started an editorial message board for people to talk about specific editorials. Three of my articles, Reconciling Percy, The Sorting Hat's Ideology, and The Bright Side of Life, all have their own conversation thread. Feel free to go there and talk about my articles and maybe intice people to come back here and get lost in the vast array of articles! (Okay, now I'm being selfish).

I will be posting more on Snape and why he was NOT in the circle of Death Eaters as things begin to calm down. If you want to see any particular topics discussed, let me know in the comments section!