Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Among one of the only shows worth watching right now is a show called LOST. It's amazing in plot, character development, and suspense. The basic idea is that a plane crashes and the survivors end up on a mysterious island where things are not as they should be and changes are made within each person. However, they are not alone and there is more to the island than meets the eye. Where are they and how are the mysterious events goign to unfold? It's another one of those shows that will keep you guessing.

Each story focuses on the life of one of the survivors, who they were and who they are. Through flashbacks the audience learns about each character, but the rest of the island inhabitants do not. There's the pregnant lady, the one running from the feds, the korean couple with the wife trying to escape the husband, the drug addict, and the con artist among others.

Lost can't really be described, it has to be watched. I highly suggest watching this piece of literature. Study up on what you've missed and watch the next episode. You won't regret it.

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