Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New Book Covers

The new covers for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince were released yesterday. I'm shocked that we are so close to getting our final installment of the book! If you want to see the covers, they have them over at Mugglenet.

I think that some of the covers are revealing. Clearly, since all three covers seem to center on a potion looking substance, or a potion book, potions are going to be important to the general theme of the book. The adult UK cover shows a tattered book called "Advanced Potions Making". Does this mean that Harry will be spending a lot of time in Snape's advanced potions class? The United States cover has Dumbledore and Harry surrounded by what looks to me like a potion (with fire in the UK edition). Is Dumbledore helping Harry with potions? What are they up to? I am still convinced this all ties into Godric Gryffindor somehow, don't ask me how.

I also want to know what the pedestal is that Dumbledore and Harry are in back of in the US cover. Is that actually a potion coming out of it, or something else? Why a pedestal?