Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Finished Book Five again

There was so much there that I forgot! I'm glad I read it again before picking up Book 6. I have so many thoughts running on the subject! I still don't understand Snape and I really want to understand what he's doing for the Order and how he is pulling it off. I also am anxious to see what roles Neville and Luna play in the next book.

Mostly I want to hear more about Ron. His character is in the perfect position for a lot of change! Without his brothers there he's bound to be more confident. After his final save at Quidditch, he may still be on the team and happy about it. I'm hoping Harry will get back on the field as well and we wil get to see Ron and Harry working together on the Quidditch team when Ron is actually competent. I wonder what job Ron is trying for?

Will McGonagall live up to her promise to make sure Harry becomes an auror? Is he going to regret having chosen a difficult subject? And how did he do in Potions? He wasn't sure he did the best and if he didn't get Outstanding... Boy, Snape will be pissed if he has to keep him in his class... LOL. I don't see Harry dropping potions but I do see the struggle between him and Snape reaching a climax.

I also see a replay of the last book with Harry's heroics going wrong. Now that he knows better, how will he react when he believes a close friend needs saving? What if it is Ron or Hermione or both? Will he have learned caution from book five or will his need to help cause him to fall into similar traps? Being a coming of age story this will be most intereting to see.