Wednesday, July 27, 2005


An example of what comes out of boredom... Insanity.

Read with Caution... not fully suitable for children.

TazmyOhki: *stretch*
hikarikodachi: All right, then. Snape is actually Harry's son
TazmyOhki: LOL
hikarikodachi: You asked me to stretch... and if that's not a stretch, dunno what is ^_^
TazmyOhki: Dumbledore and Snape are secret lovers and Voldemort became evil becasue he wanted Dumbledore
hikarikodachi: Now that's a stretch
TazmyOhki: Thank you, thank you very much
hikarikodachi: Behind the scenes, Neville is the biggest player in Gryffindor
TazmyOhki: LOL
hikarikodachi: Is that a stretch? ^_^
TazmyOhki: hmmm yes
hikarikodachi: Okay
TazmyOhki: Snape's real master is Neville Longbottom
hikarikodachi: Meh. If I were Neville and capable of that, I'd have Parvati and Cho as my minions ^_^
TazmyOhki: well he is the biggest player behind the scenes, right?
hikarikodachi: Hmm, good point
hikarikodachi: Let's see.... Dumbledore is actually not dead, but has been transmuted into a Canary Creme destined to be consumed by Goyle
TazmyOhki: *raises eyebrow* now that is a stretch
hikarikodachi: Good ^_^
TazmyOhki: Voldemort only wants to take over the world so he can fill it with fresh flowers and sweet candies
hikarikodachi: Candies or candles? Imagine a Voldemort Brand Vanilla-scented Candle
TazmyOhki: yes. he's sending his deatheaters after Harry not to kill him but to present him with a free sample
hikarikodachi: A sample basket!
hikarikodachi: And Lily and James are actually crossdressers!
TazmyOhki: "Dark Lord brand candles. Fresh scent guranteed to make your house warm and comfortable. Now on special, candle with smoke in the form of the dark mark"
TazmyOhki: James Potter -- Prom Queen
hikarikodachi: ^__^
hikarikodachi: And does that make "Lily Evans - Prom King"? ^+^
TazmyOhki: no, prince charming
hikarikodachi: Sirius Black's real first name is actually Rigel
hikarikodachi: Ahhhh
TazmyOhki: ooo Voldemort as Prince Charming
TazmyOhki: too much of a stretch?
[22:47] hikarikodachi: Rita Skeeter is an objective journalist!
TazmyOhki: okay, that is a stretch
hikarikodachi: And Dolores Umbridge is a fine educator!
TazmyOhki: Professor McGonagall is a cat that transfigures herself into a human
hikarikodachi: Ahhh! She's a Magianimus!
TazmyOhki: lol
TazmyOhki: Hermione Granger is the Dark Lord
hikarikodachi: And she would use Lord instead of Lady
TazmyOhki: Well Ron is the Dark Lady
TazmyOhki: now doesn't that just pop images into your mind
hikarikodachi: Yes, and I'm trying to purge them! ^_^
hikarikodachi: Through an accident with the Time Turner, it is revealed that Harry and Ginny are actually James and Lily
TazmyOhki: eeek
TazmyOhki: Lucius Malfoy and the Coat of Many Colors
TazmyOhki: ( i shoudl paste this on my site)
hikarikodachi: It's just like with his Patronus!
hikarikodachi: Yes, you should ^+^
hikarikodachi: Neville and Luna have actually been married in secret since her second year, and she is hiding their twins in her dorm room closet
TazmyOhki: *raises eyebrow* Dudley Dursley is the most powerful, wisest wizard alive
hikarikodachi: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
hikarikodachi: Vernon is Harry's father
TazmyOhki: noooooooooooooooooooooo
hikarikodachi: Moaning Myrtle is nicknamed that for an entirely different reason
TazmyOhki: yeah and Hagrids shorter that Colin Creevy
TazmyOhki: he just has stilts
hikarikodachi: And Colin Creevy is actually an agent of Voldemort sent to kill Harry
TazmyOhki: Professor Snape's life long dream is to become a ballerina
hikarikodachi: Professor Trelawney was a professional breakdancer in her youth
TazmyOhki: Hermione is pregant with alien babies prophecied to destroy the great madrake
hikarikodachi: Dobby and the other house-elves must take Gryffindor's sword and cast it into the fires of Mount Vesuvius
TazmyOhki: Kreacher enjoys long walks on the beach and love poetry
hikarikodachi: Barty Crouch liked to get down and get funky
TazmyOhki: Draco's favorite show is My Little Pony
hikarikodachi: Parvati and Lavender are actually capos in the Mafia
TazmyOhki: Crabbe adn Goyle go on to win genius grants and become great aurors
hikarikodachi: The Weasley twins settle down and become attorneys
TazmyOhki: and Percy runs their joke shop
hikarikodachi: Fleur likes action flicks and professional wrestling
TazmyOhki: Harry grows up to teach potions and become head of slytherin house. Takes a sudden fancy to dark dungeons
hikarikodachi: And he marries Pansy Parkinson
TazmyOhki: he has a harem
hikarikodachi: Ginny elopes with Professor Flitwick
TazmyOhki: whoa
hikarikodachi: And Neville becomes captain of the Quidditch team
TazmyOhki: Dumbeldore gets all his information from the Junior Wizards Encyclopedia
hikarikodachi: Lupin gets bitten by a werecabbit, and once a month can fly thru interstellar space
TazmyOhki: kudos
hikarikodachi: ^_^
TazmyOhki: But you forgot the great war between the cabbits and the house elfs
hikarikodachi: No I didn't. No one wants to talk about that. Especially considering what the cabbits did to them after they won
TazmyOhki: Cabbits defeat voldemort with their cuteness
hikarikodachi: That I'll buy ^_^
hikarikodachi: McGonnagal is a veela
TazmyOhki: Voldemort ceases his plans to take over the world when he finally wins a beauty competition and goes on to become Mr. UK
hikarikodachi: Nagini is actually Bertha Jerkins in her illegal Animagus form,
TazmyOhki: Pettigrew is the brains behind Voldemort's schemes
hikarikodachi: Gah!
hikarikodachi: Voldemort is Pettigrew's b****
TazmyOhki: Now that is just wrong
hikarikodachi: It should be
TazmyOhki: Harry must us a herring to defeat Voldemort.. after picking a shrubery of course
hikarikodachi: And Neville ends up in Castle Anthrax
hikarikodachi: And he doesn't leave ^_^
TazmyOhki: On second thought let us not go to Hogwarts, it is a silly place
hikarikodachi: King Dumbledore?
TazmyOhki: Arthur, king of the muggles