Saturday, January 22, 2005


Today I am getting some friends together to watch Firefly. For those who have never heard of this obscure show, know that you are not alone. It was taken off the air some years ago. You may now be asking yourself, "Why are you getting anyone together to watch a show that didn't even last a full season?" Good question.

First of all, Firefly didn't last a season because of Fox. Fox executives were clueless to the gem held under their sleeves. They moved around the time slot and thus murdered the show before it ever had the chance to catch a geeks eyes. Yet, some loyal geeks still managed to catch a glimpse of the show, and what they saw thrilled them. One geek showed it to another geek, who showed it to another geek, and so on and so forth. Much like the original Star Trek, Firefly became a hit only after the show had been taken off the air. When Firefly reached DVD it sold in record amounts.

Why do you care? Well, it's not a far stretch to assume that a large population of this blogs minimal viewership is composed of geeks. It's not a name to feel degraded by, but a name to raise proudly. Therefore, seeing as how you are very likely a geek, and into geek culture, you should know that Firefly has become an intricate part of the science fiction geek paradigm. You should watch this show. Don't miss out just because some brainless git at Fox cancelled the show. Go buy the DVD and show it to your friends. Most importantly, mark your calendar for the Firefly release date, coming later this year!

That is right. Geek culture has finally got it passed a few hard skulls that Firefly is a good show with a decent following. They won't bring back the television show, but at least we get a movie!

Two other cancelled shows to buy on DVD:
Invader Zim
Family Guy (Yes, they are now making new episodes)