Sunday, March 06, 2005

There is a black spider outside my house. I know this statement comes out of nowhere, but it's a little worrisome when you consider that it has an hour glass on its back. Now I realize that if it were a widow it would be a red hour glass, so I shouldn't worry about it. But what kind of a black spider has a white hourglass complete with two triangles at the bottom? It is somewhat disconcerting.

Speaking of worries, Peter seems to think I'm a bit eccentric in how much I worry about things. He is trying to convince me to create a list of all my worries and agree to cut it down in half. I suppose my fear of dirty napkins should be the first to go. I've been dealing with that one better since I decided to become a janitor. Still, I'll take a cloth napkin every day and I still don't see the point in using a napkin and wasting the paper. You can use the napkin, just don't let me see it? Okay, okay... definitely gotta get rid of the napkin phobia. Perhaps my fear of vacuum cleaners is unnecessary as well. *sigh* Maybe Peter is right. I'm going to drive myself crazy with all these eccentricities.

Moving on... It's been a crazy March, and it's only just started! Peter just got hired full time at the UO library and my life is slowly starting to come together. It sounds like I will be able now go to graduate school at a drastically reduced rate! It's amazing how much school one has to pay for to become a teacher and then only receive a terribly low salary. Still, I would rather do a job that payed a minimal amount that helped the maximum amount of people than a job that payed a maximum amount and helped a minimum amount of people. Did that make any sense?

My article will go out to my editor today, so if your tired of the dry spell of no posts, one is short coming. I'm hoping spring break will give me more time to write!

I've decided that I update this blog out of selfishness. There is just something about writing down the thoughts in my head on a blog as opposed to a journal. I realize the only difference is that anyone may read it. It's nice to know that I have little to hide because I put it all up here. I'll probably start puting my thoughts up here on a daily basis now. Don't worry, I'll put a link at the top to the latest articles so you don't have to wade through my messy thoughts to get the HP stuff. That is part of why I am so anxious to get a new site up. Alas, if only I had more time.

Let's see, what else happened this week? Oh yes, Peter bought me some furniture. I can finally watch tv while lying on a couch as opposed to a coffee table. It's an amazing difference. I also bought pot holders today... It's amazing how long I have gone without owning a decent pair of pot holders.